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Travel Schedule

SAINT LOUIS from July 14th-18th ---
SPRINGFIELD,IL from July 18th-19th ---
QUAD CITIES from July 19th-20th ---
DUBUQUE,IA from July 20th-21st
MADISON from July 21st-24th ---
ATLANTA from July 25th-28th ---
MINNEAPOLIS from July 28th-Aug 2nd ---
DES MOINES from Aug 2nd-5th ---
OMAHA from Aug 5th-9th ---
KANSAS CITY from Aug 9th-12th ---
SPRINGFIELD,MO from Aug 12th-13th ---
TULSA from Aug 13th-15th ---
OKLAHOMA CITY from Aug 15th-18th ---
DALLAS from Aug 18th-22nd ---
AUSTIN from Aug 22nd-24th ---
SAN ANTONIO from Aug 24th-26th ---
HOUSTON from Aug 26th-29th ---
BATON ROUGE from Aug 29th-30th ---
NEW ORLEANS from Aug 30th-September 4th ---
MOBILE from Sept 4th-5th ---
MONTGOMERY from Sept 5th-6th.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I was recently in Pittsburgh and found an cute young guy wanting to get into porn. He had seen one of my live cam shows and asked if he could join me. I did not have to think long before telling him "hell yeah!" :)

His name is Noah Peters. If you like what you see, you can follow him on twitter at: http://twitter.com/Noah_Peters

And as always, you can follow me to find out when I am doing my next weekly live cam show. My twitter is: http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX

With that being said.....here is myself and Noah Peters LIVE from Pittsburgh:

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I received the following fan letter a week ago. I thought it was really cool that someone took the time to send me this letter, so (with his permission) I decided to post it for you to see......

"Hey Jason!

Let me know whenever you come to Orlando, I would absolutely LOVE to meet you!!!

I’m a really big fan of yours, lol. The first time I ever bottomed was in a 3way with 2 hot guys on vacation to Florida and they were playing some of your videos…so I like to think I learned how to take cock up my ass from you! ;) I loved watching you get fucked as I got fucked for the first time! I watch your videos almost every time I finger myself or jack off, which is quite often (typical for a young, horny, college kid!).

Basically I’m a huge fan of yours and would love to meet you and even catch a peek at that wonderful penis you have….maybe even a suck or so ;)

Btw…I attached a picture of how hard my dick is getting while typing this message…thought you’d enjoy that.

You fan,

Monday, February 28, 2011


As many of you already know, I do weekly live cam shows. A few weeks ago I decided to do something different. Instead of a live sex show, I decided to do a Bubble Bath Jerk-Off.

I also decided to record this live cam show, and I was very happy with the resulting video. To see this video, please click on the following link:

And....as always....to find out when my next live cam show will happen, please follow me on twitter: http://Twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sometimes is just takes a HOT latino to spice things up. That was exactly the case with my Raleigh live cam show. I was lucky to have local porn star Draven Torres join myself and Devin Moss to create a very memorable cam show.

Luckily, we had the vision to record this cam show (I only record some of my live cam shows) and the edited version is available for viewing on my xtube channel. All I can say is HOT HOT HOT!!!

As I have mentioned before, you can always keep up with my live cam show schedule by following me on twitter: http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX

If you like what you see, you can find Draven Torres at http://twitter.com/DravenTorresXXX and Devin Moss at http://twitter.com/DevinMossXXX

To watch the Jason Sparks/Devin Moss/Draven Torres Live Cam Show from Raleigh, please click on the following link:

Thursday, January 13, 2011


After that amazing live cam show in San Diego (see previous post), I travelled to Los Angeles where I was able to line up another VERY HOT 4-way live cam show. I posted the edited version of this cam show on xtube and within the first day I had over 100,000 views!!!

I do weekly live cam shows from cities nationwide every week. If you want to find out when my next cam show is, follow me on twitter. I post my cam show schedule there. My twitter is: http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX

Appearing on this cam show is Devin Moss (http://twitter.com/DevinMossXXX), Kain Lanning (http://twitter.com/KainLanning), Spencer Drake (http://twitter.com/SpencerDrakeXXX), and myself (http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX).

To watch the Jason Sparks/Devin Moss/Kain Lanning/Spencer Drake Live Cam Show from Los Angeles, please click on the following link:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I recently visited San Diego with Devin Moss. For the weekly live cam show, I was able to find 2 local porn models to join myself and Devin....and the cam show we did was just amazing! I posted this cam show on xtube and within 1 week had over 50,000 views! If you want to see these cam shows live, please follow me on twitter. I do weekly cam shows from cities all over the country and advertise my live cam shows on my twitter account. My twitter page is: http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX

Appearing on this cam show is Devin Moss (http://twitter.com/DevinMossXXX), Matthew Singer (http://twitter.com/MattSingerXXX), Preston Steel (http://twitter.com/PrestonSteelXXX), and myself (http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX).

To watch the Jason Sparks/Devin Moss/Matthew Singer/Preston Steel Live Cam Show from San Diego, please click on the following link:

Friday, December 17, 2010


For those of you that do not follow me on twitter, I have been doing FREE live cam shows 2 times a week for the past 3 months. Since not everyone is available to view them when they are live, I will now be posting portions of the best ones on my blog. If you want to find out when my next free live cam show will be happening, please follow me on twitter (http://twitter.com/JasonSparksXXX). If you do not already have twitter, then this is a great reason to join it. I post my free cam show schedule on my twitter site. That is the only place you will find it. So join twitter....and follow me!!!

With that being said, this is part of the cam show I did from my hotel in Austin, Texas. Appearing with me on Cam is Seth Roberts (http://twitter.com/Seth_Roberts) and Seth Knight (http://twitter.com/SethKnightXXX). I hope you enjoy!

Please click on the following link to watch the Austin cam show:

Friday, October 15, 2010

GayVNs, Porn Shoots, and Travel

Its been a while since I have blogged about my travels. I have been meaning to sit down and right another blog but my schedule for the past month has been killer. Instead of writing about another city, I am going to blog about what I have been doing for the past month.

After spending over 3 weeks visiting every major city in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana....I flew out to California. After spending time in multiple cities in northern California, I ended up in San Francisco. My stay in San Fran was incredibly busy. I went there for the GayVNs (gay porn awards show)...but ended up doing a lot more than I expected.

I shared a suite at the GayVN Host Hotel with porn stars Brody West and Tyler Andrews. The first night was the bar crawl night. There were 10 porn stars that all hung out together with Howard Andrews from FabScout (the agent for a lot of porn stars). In addition to myself, our group included Tyler Andrews, Dylan Roberts, and Jake Steel. We started out at the Hot House party....then went to the Next Door Studios party....then to the Raging Stallion party. It was a fun night....and I even had one of the hot straight male porn stars make out with me in the back of the bar! What a night!!!!

The next day was busy getting ready for the awards show. My date for the night was Brody West. The show was actually a lot of fun. In fact, if you have Showtime, the entire show was filmed for broadcast at a future date on Showtime. It is always great to see my peers in the porn industry....and events like this bring them all together.

After the awards show, everyone went to the GayVNs after party. It was held at a local club close to my hotel. I was able to meet Brent Everett for the first time that night. I was actually surprised that he (and his bf) recognized me when I walked by. Although I had a feeling it was the case due to my many conversations online with both of them....the reality was that both Brent and his boyfriend Steve Pena were amazingly nice in person.

The next morning I woke up and did a late-morning Cam4.com Super Show with Tyler Andrews and Brody West. It was a lot of fun....and I have a feeling the 4,000 people that watched it enjoyed it as well. Right after the Cam4 show was over, I rushed downstairs to head off to a porn shoot. I was shooting that day with Phenix Saint and Shane Frost. It was an easy shoot and we all had a great time.

That night I met up with Brody West and we went to the Poppers Party that Chi Chi LaRue hosted at a local bar. The music was amazing and it was a ton of fun. Most of the porn stars I am friends with also attended that event....so that made it even more fun.

The next morning I woke up early again and did another Cam4 Super Show with Brody West. Although Brody was the bottom on Saturday's super show....on Sunday I got to ride Brody's cock. It was a HOT show!!! As soon as that Cam4 show was over, I once again bolted downstairs for another porn shoot. This time I was shooting with porn superstar Matthew Rush. Although the shoot was long and tiring, it was a great experience getting to hang out with Matthew Rush.

After a exhausting 4 days in San Francisco, I flew to Denver where I spent a few days catching my breath (and catching up on sleep!). I finally headed back home to Atlanta where I spent the next 4 days getting ready for another major porn shoot for my studio Jason Sparks Entertainment (ClubJasonSparks.com).

The following week was shoot after shoot after shoot. This shoot included Steven Daigle (from Big Brother 10), Jake Steel, Conner O'Reilly, Caleb Jones, and myself. After 4 long days of shooting, we had a "wrap" party at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. All of the porn stars were there...and we had a surprise visit from Howard Andrew (FabScout) and Kevin Williamson (Scream 1,2,3 & Vampire Diaries). Afterwords, we all went to Swinging Richards (the strip bar in Atlanta) and blew off a lot of steam from all that porn work.

On Friday, I decided to take some time to catch up....and did not do much that day. That night I went to the Atlanta Gay Pride Opening Party at the Georgia Aquarium with Steven Daigle and Jake Steel. It was cool seeing all the fish and hanging out with my friends. Saturday came around and I went to Brushstrokes Atlanta (the local porn store) with Jake Steel and Steven Daigle and we had a DVD signing for HIV/AIDS charity. We all wore underwear and auctioned off those for charity as well. It was a lot of fun! The picture I have posted above is from the charity event at Brushstrokes.

Sunday was the last day of Atlanta Gay Pride....so Steven Daigle and myself went walking around the Gay Pride festival. The entire event was packed but we were still able to run into porn hottie Brandon Lewis, Howard Andrews (FabScout), Gio Caruso (an amazing video guy), and Daniel Fierce (Fleshjack).

The next few days I spent getting ready to head out on the road again. I flew to Phoenix a few days ago...and I am in Tucson now. I head to Las Vegas before flying back to the east coast. My next big fun trip will be to New Orleans for Halloween. I have a fun costume already picked out...so I am very excited about that trip!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Baltimore is a city of contrasts. There is a lot of poverty in and around Baltimore....but there are also amazing parts of the city as well. When I am Baltimore, I usually stay in the Inner Harbor area. This is the tourist area of Baltimore and one of the few places you will not need a car. In fact, when I stay in the Inner Harbor, I usually never get a rental car.

Lining the sides of the harbor itself are a ton of shops and restaurants. You can find anything from the national chains...to restaurants with more of a local flare. Right in the middle of the Inner Harbor is the National Aquarium. Although I have never been inside it myself (why visit it when I have the largest and best aquarium in my hometown of Atlanta!).....but I have been told it is pretty cool inside. Alongside the aquarium are a number of permanently docked US Navy and Coast Guard ships that you can tour. This area also seems to be one of the safest areas of the city as well.

Right next to the Inner Harbor is "Little Italy". This part of Baltimore is filled with one Italian Restaurant after another. On the advice of a local, I went to Sabatino's Italian Restaurant. I was told their house salad dressing was amazing....and their pasta was great as well. I definitely will go back here next time I am in Baltimore. Also....if you like gelato....there are numerous gelato shoppes around "Little Italy".

Since I visited Baltimore last, the city has introduced the downtown/inner harbor "Circulator". This bus system is free and arrives every 10 minutes. There is a north-south line...and an east-west line. The beauty of this system is that the buses are new, very nice, and have GPS systems onboard. These GPS systems let you track (on the Internet) when the next bus will be at your location. Also....most of the bus stops have digital readouts that give you an idea when the next "Circulator" bus will be arriving. Being someone that HATES public transportation (and avoids is like the plague), I actually enjoyed using the Circulator buses.

If you are looking for a gym in the Inner Harbor, there is really only one good option (there used to be two good options...but the Golds Gym at the Inner Harbor closed a month ago). The Maryland Athletic Club (MAC) on President Street is a great new facility. The equipment is all new and the gym is really nice. This is more of a health club than a gym....and the crowd seems pretty metro-sexual (straight).

From talking to gay guys in Baltimore, I get the impression that this is not much of a gay city. Gay guys usually live here because they are in school, work in the city, or have family close by. Most of the guys I talk to would prefer to live in "gayer" cities like DC and NYC....but they are here out of necessity....and not by choice.


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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Although the winters in Minneapolis are brutal, the summer is hard to beat anywhere in the US. With tons of trails for biking, running, and strolling....and beautiful lakes everywhere....it is easy to see why the residents of Minneapolis put up with the miserable winters. My first trip to Minneapolis was in the dead of the winter, and it was so cold that I thought I was going to die that weekend. My body never felt so cold. Now I only visit Minneapolis once the weather gets warmer. With an average summer high in the 70s, Minneapolis becomes an outdoor paradise.

When I am in Minneapolis, I stay close to St.Louis Park. I like this area, because there are a ton of restaurant and gym options within a short drive. I tried staying downtown one weekend, but the downtown area pretty much shuts down during the weekend....and finding restaurants and shops open during the weekend can be challenging.

I have found 2 great gym options in Minneapolis. By far the best is the Lifetime Fitness in St.Louis Park. This huge facility has both great equipment and a ton of hot guys. Although most of the guys are straight there, the gym is known to be very cruisy in the wet areas.

The other option is the LA Fitness in Uptown. Although this gym is only a few months old, a ton of hot metrosexuals and hot gay guys have migrated to this gym. Equipment-wise, this gym can not be beat. The equipment is all new and top-notch. Although I never entered the "wet area" of this gym, it did not seem all that cruisy. I get the impression that guys go to Lifetime Fitness if they want the steam room action, and the LA Fitness if they want a serious workout.

If you are in the mood for some serious shopping, the largest mall in the US is located in Minneapolis. The Mall of America is so large that there is even an amusement park located in the middle of the mall (pictured above).

Minnesota is also the hometown of a number of porn stars including Brandon Wilde, David Dakota and Hayden Chandler.

All in all, I love visiting Minneapolis.....I just avoid it at all costs in the winter.


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Thursday, June 3, 2010


After numerous requests, I have decided to finally write about my home city, Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta after graduating from Notre Dame and loved every minute of it. I often get asked when traveling "why Atlanta" and "what is special about Atlanta"? At least for me, Atlanta seems to have a lot of the qualities that I love in a city. Do not get me wrong, there are a number of equally good cities, but few that have as many great qualities as Atlanta possesses.

First of all, Atlanta is a large city (which I prefer), so as a city it possesses all of the qualities that most big cities have (i.e. a huge gay population, a ton of business/work opportunities, the arts, shopping, and lots of great places to eat). Where Atlanta beats most cities is on the cost of living. Compared to places like DC, Chicago, Boston, LA, San Francisco, NYC --- Atlanta is CHEAP! Housing is cheap, food is cheap, and most of the services are cheap as well. So you get to live in a big city without the expense of one.

If you decide to visit Atlanta, I would recommend staying in the Midtown area. Midtown is the center of gay Atlanta. Midtown is filled with a ton of restaurants, gay owned shopping, gyms, nightlife, and most of the culture/arts for Atlanta. Although most of Midtown is walkable, it is definitely easier if you have a car.

The other option is to stay in Buckhead. Just north of Midtown, the Buckhead area is where you will find all of the best shopping in Atlanta. There are two major malls in Buckhead (across the street from each other).....Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. Lenox Square has more of the traditional mall stores (but in larger formats) and Phipps Plaza has more of the ultra high-end shops.

If you want to workout in Atlanta, there are a number of good options for visitors. The Ansley Mall location of LA Fitness is considered the gay gym in Atlanta (although there is a gym called Gravity Fitness that is also gay....but since this gym is off the beaten path, I would not recommend trying to find it). If you are looking for more of a mixed (gay/straight) gym, then the LA Fitness/Esporta Gym at 5th/Spring or the LA Fitness in Buckhead are also good options as well.

There is a ton of nightlife in Atlanta. If you are looking for more of a cocktail bar, then Blakes (younger crowd) and Burkharts (older crowd) are your best bets. If you are the leather/levi type then there is the Heretic (more levi/leather) or the Eagle (all leather). If you are in the mood to dance, then Jungle is a great option (it is a huge dance club). There are a ton of other options in Atlanta, but that will get you started.

If you like strippers, one of the best stripper bars in the country is in Atlanta. Swinging Richards is one of the few places where the guys get totally nude on stage. And unlike the strippers I have encountered in a lot of cities, these guys are truly hot (although a large percentage of them are straight). It can be a lot of fun to get a lap dance from a hot straight guy!

Atlanta is also home to my porn studio (Jason Sparks Entertainment and ClubJasonSparks.com). When you are there, stop in Brushstrokes (the big gay porn store) and ask to see the Jason Sparks Entertainment section....and say hi to the owners Mark and Tom for me. :)

The one thing you will notice about Atlanta is a ton of hot young guys. Being the center of the southeast, Atlanta attracts all of the young southern boys trying to escape small town southeastern cities. There is continual "fresh meat" moving to the city...and that makes it fun!


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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Boston in the spring/summer/fall is amazing! Boston in the winter is just harsh! I visit Boston 2 times a year.....and my winter trips are my least favorite. Like a lot of northeastern US large cities, Boston is a walking city. As with any walking city, you can not escape the elements. That walk to the gym in 20 degree weather (with the wind whipping around you) is downright miserable.

When I am in Boston, I usually stay in the Copley Place area or in the Theatre District. Either area is convenient. For those of you that have never been to Boston before, Copley Place is a huge indoor mall that spans a dozen office buildings and hotels. Each part of the mall is connected over street level by 2nd story skywalks. If the weather is bad in Boston, you can literally stay at one of the hotels above the mall and never go outside. There is a gym in the mall, a ton of restaurants, and a lot of shopping too. Just about anything you need you can find in Copley Place.

If the weather is nice outside, I prefer to stay in the Theatre District. Halfway between the South End (the gay area of Boston) and Copley Place, this hotel is within walking distance of just about everything in Boston. One of my favorite places in Boston is the Boston Commons (pictured above). This large park right in the middle of the city is a great place to get away from the hustle and bussel of the city. It is a great place to relax and one of the places that makes Boston special.

Just a few blocks from Boston Commons is Newberry Street. This is Boston's high-end shopping area. Since most of these shops are in old townhouses, it is a very quaint street. There are lots of cool restaurants and a plethora of boutique shops.

As far as gyms go, Boston Sports Club (BSC) dominates this city. With locations everywhere, you are within a 10-15 min walk from one of their locations no matter where you stay in the city. I prefer the South End location. This location is the "gay" gym. I have heard that the showers/sauna is cruisy there....but I have never showered at this gym. When I stay at Copley Place, there are 2 BSC's close by. Once is just across the street from Copley Place...and the other is on Newberry Street. I have been to both of them....and neither seem all that gay. Regardless of which one you go to, all of them have great equipment and you will get a good workout.

One of the things you will notice about Boston is the amount of young, hot gay guys in this city. With a ton of colleges and universities in an around Boston, this city is FILLED with hotties. So...if you like the younger guys....and can take the weather....then this city is definitely for you!


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Saturday, May 1, 2010


When I think of vacation spots, Dallas is definitely not on the top of that list. What is great about Dallas is that it is a very "livable" city. Its not expensive to live in (in fact, the cost of living in Dallas is relatively cheap!) and there is enough to do that will keep your attention.

I actually like Dallas a lot. It is in my Top-10 list of cities I could move to in a heartbeat. It is centrally located and you can fly just about anywhere from the sprawling DFW airport. There is a HUGE gay population in Dallas and a lot of nightlife. For a big city, it is just an easy place to reside.

When I visit Dallas, I usually stay in the Market Center area of Dallas. Being right on I-35, this area is easy to get all around the city. It is also just minutes from the gay area of Dallas. I prefer to stay at the Renaissance Hotel in the Market Center area. It is centrally located and has great views of the downtown skyline (the picture above was taken from the top of the Renaissance Hotel).

As far as gyms go, there are a few options I have tried in Dallas. There is a new LA Fitness about 5 minutes from Market Center. Since this gym is new, it is still relatively dead....so if you want eye candy then you are at the wrong place. If you want a quiet, nice gym then this is a great option for you. Also, if you are looking to swim, this gym has a great indoor pool.

The next option is the 24-Hour Fitness downtown. Built on top of a parking deck in the center of downtown, this gym is about half gay....but does not have the eye candy vibe I prefer at a gym. This gym does have a co-ed steam/sauna/hot tub....and I have heard they can get cruisy as well.

There is an Equinox intown in Dallas. I have not been to this gym....but I heard it is nice but small.

Finally is the Golds Gym on McKinney. This gym is AMAZING! It is half gay/half straight.....and FILLED with hotties!!!! If you are the type that gets intimidated at the gym, then this is definitely not the gym for you. It is all VERY HOT metrosexual straight guys and VERY HOT gay guys. Definitely the pretty boy gym. The equipment here is second to none as well. The gym is new, clean, and nice. But....if you are looking for cruisy....then this is NOT the gym for you. This is more of the stand-and-pose crowd....and not cruisy at all. This is definitely my gym of choice in Dallas.

If you get in the mood for some nude swimming, then Club Dallas is a great option. They have a nice outdoor clothing-optional pool where you can relax and get that all-over tan. Nighttime skinny-dipping is my favorite! They also have a pretty nice gym as well....so you can workout and tan nude all in one afternoon.

All in all, I would say Dallas is a great place to live it. There is everything you need in a big city....all without the cost and hassle of other large cities.


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Sunday, April 4, 2010


As many of you know, I travel the country all the time. This time I decided to take a driving tour of the Northeastern USA. Two of the cities on my list were Hartford,CT and Albany,NY. Looking at the map I noticed that I would have to drive right thru Springfield. Since I had never been there before, I decided to try a new city and spent 2 nights there.
It was definitely an interesting city. On one hand, there are some amazing architectural elements in the city including some cool ornate bridges and some really neat buildings. The building pictured above is the symphony hall and it is stunning. There are a number of cool buildings in Springfield.
The other thing I noticed about this city is the fact that a large part of the area is depressed. According to the locals I spoke with, the city used to be a big manufacturing area; and when they factories closed the area went down and has never fully recovered.
The other thing I have learned from my travels is that you can learn a lot about a city from what the locals think of it. In large part, most of the locals here that I met say they would prefer to live elsewhere, but their job keeps them here. That is a telling sign that the city itself needs work.
There are a few cool things I found in the city. The Basketball Hall of Fame is located downtown in Springfield....and the Dr. Seuss Museum is located here as well (Dr. Seuss is from Springfield). The city sits right on the Connecticut River, and there are walking trails all along the riverfront.
I went to an amazing LA Fitness in Springfield. It is one of the largest ones I have been to and it is right on the river. All of the cardio face the river so the going to this gym can be quite relaxing. The equipment here is amazing and I was very impressed with this gym. It has a full sized pool and basketball courts as well. I was there on a weekend and it was not very busy...but amazingly it was mostly gay guys when I was there.
On Saturday night I decided to leave my hotel and head out. I had been told about a stripper bar called Club Xstatic. I thought it would be fun to check it out for myself. The general manager of the bar recognized me from my porn work and proceeded to give me shots. Although I am not much of a drinker, I took them anyway. By the end of the night, I had a number of the strippers giving me lap dances. It was a LOT of fun to say the least! Oh...and in this strip bar, the dancers get totally naked....so that was a plus as well!
All in all, I had a great time in Springfield.


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